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       Center for International Cooperation (C.I.C), which was administrated under the University of Finance – Marketing, was established to implement the cooperative programs for the strategy of international education, step by step approach to the international education systems. The CIC’S partners are mostly from many developed countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, etc., which had high reputation in international education.

        Lecturers in the program of C.I.C, who have many years of teaching experience or oversea training or foreign teachers have high professional qualifications with international standards, these lecturers are also the chief executives or the managers in multinational corporations.

        With a high qualification consultants team, including many people who have graduated from the top universities in Vietnam or oversea, students will receive full support, enthusiastic advice about the studying programs according to their own aspirations. In addition, during the learning process, C.I.C staffs will always support to create the best learning conditions for students. C.I.C is also a bridge, which connects the dream to conquer the peak of knowledge for many generation; C.I.C also help you to save significant costs while ensure you with the quality training programs, international and national-level standards degree.


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