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Center for International Co-operation belongs to The University of Finance-Marketing (UFM) which is established with its duties are to make international strategic training co-operated programs, step by step to approach advanced education systems in the world. The schools have co-operated with CIC mostly come from UK, US, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, ect. which have good prestige in the world. The group of lectures who are experienced, worked for a long time or go to abroad for their higher education, foreign teachers with high experience and international qualified degree, are managers, directors of multinational companies, etc. With the team of educated consultants, one of them are graduated from the well-known universities in Vietnam as well as from foreign. Candidates are helped, advised carefully and enthusiastically about a program that they are interested in. CIC is a bridge to add the wings for their desire to win knowledge of many various generations, help to save expenses regardless but to give assurance for high quality programs, get high standard in domestic as well as international. CIC currently is inviting qualified professional applicants to apply for positions as English Language Instructors and International Business lecturer in Centre for International Co-operation (CIC), where we deliver high quality English, International Business programs and study skills development to undergraduate students and pre-undergraduate students. Teachers in CIC are responsible for all aspects of teaching. This includes lesson preparation, classroom delivery, as well as monitoring and reporting student progress through a variety of methods including formal assessment. Our CIC teaching staffs participate fully in a reflective, sharing teaching and learning community.


Center for International Cooperation (CIC)  

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